Our approach…

The first step is to help you assess your current financial situation and we do this by providing a short fact finding questionnaire for you to complete. We then follow this with an initial informal meeting at our expense with no cost to you, where you have the opportunity to ask lots of questions and you can understand how we may be able to help.

After this initial meeting we will provide you with details of our terms of business including the services we offer and the associated costs. At this point if you are happy to proceed then we will ask you to sign our client agreement and we will then undertake a comprehensive review of your financial situation, taking into account any existing plans and/or targets you may have. We will then advise you on anything from a short term financial objective to a lifetime financial plan. This will then reviewed on a regular basis with you to ensure that any changes in your circumstances are taken into account, ensuring that your goals are always manageable and achievable.

You will receive objective, professional advice about whether your financial arrangements are already good, inadequate or not being considered at all.  We will also assist in helping you decide how much provision you need to make, and the order of priority in dealing with your finances. Once you have received our financial planning expertise you are free to act on it as you wish,  If you require us to implement it on your behalf then we will be happy to do so.  All our recommendations will be fully explained and priced in the financial plan so that you’ll know exactly what you are choosing to commit to, what it will do and what the associated cost will be before you agree to anything.

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