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It will never happen to me…

I suppose that after more than 30 years in financial services, I could say that I have seen and experienced more financial ups and downs with clients than most. From my first days back in 1979, it was a lesson … Continue reading

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Crisis in the world of pensions

I know, you’ve heard it all before. But before you think “oh no, not again” (and click back), perhaps you should read the next bit… I have just picked up on a few points from a recent report issued by The … Continue reading

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Using Trusts as part of your planning

Trusts are often regarded as the preserve of the wealthy. Fortunately however, this is not the case. I have previously suggested that people with assets should make a will rather than rely on the laws of intestacy and the same may be … Continue reading

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Flexible Planning for Retirement – ISAs and Pensions

It will be apparent to many who have read my blogs in the past that I am unashamedly pro ISA’s. That doesn’t mean to say that I am not supportive of pensions (the defined contribution type), I am, but I think that … Continue reading

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