Our portfolios

We have a wide range of investment portfolios that cater for a broad spectrum of investment risks – from high risk to very cautious. Each portfolio has been constructed with reference to numerous academic studies and utilises “best of breed”, low cost index tracking funds, only available to professional advisers. 

Using these index tracking funds we are able to “back-test” all our model portfolios using simulated data over a time period extending back over 50 years.  Using this data we can test investment performance over any intervening time period.

The use of historical performance data doesn’t enable us to predict the future, but it does provide an invaluable insight into what the worst case scenario may look like.

This unique approach enables us to have a very real and meaningful conversation with you about the risk and return of each of our portfolios. More importantly we can show you what the worst has looked like and when it occurred.

To really maximise the benefits of investing you need to invest for the long-term. As a result, you must be certain that you can tolerate the market downturns and ‘weather the storm’ when investments fall. This ‘buy and hold’ strategy will reap rewards over the long-term.

Different investments are also subject to different tax regimes.  Our portfolios enable us to fill up your ISA allowance with the highest taxed investments first, thereby greatly improving your tax efficiency.

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