Accountants and Solicitors

Financial, legal and tax advice have generally been discrete practices in the UK, however we are always keen to work with like-minded organisations from the legal and accountancy professions. By building a positive and proactive relationship, we have been able to utilise our collective strengths for mutual benefit as well as reinforcing long term, high quality relationships with our clients.

There is a high level of convergence between accountant and solicitor activities when it comes to financial planning, particularly in areas such as:

  • Trust and estate-planning
  • Pension & divorce settlements
  • Issues facing owners of SMEs

Mutual clients of professional connections will benefit from our comprehensive financial planning services.  As a result of completing a detailed financial plan they may well require a more proactive approach to overseeing their business planning, exit strategies and legal affairs if they are to achieve their financial goals.  In fact their financial goals may be entirely dependent on their business delivering a significant capital sum at a future exit point.  As the financial plan will need to be reviewed regularly this will often result in additional accountancy or legal work. The repeat nature of financial planning work enhances and re-enforces the brand of all those involved.

Through working together, utilising our high levels of technical knowledge and experience we have the ability to provide a truely integrated service and source of advice.

We have an active communications strategy for our clients including educational seminars, client mailings and e-newsletters. If you would like to discuss joint activity in any of these areas or to discuss referral opportunities please don’t hesitate to telephone us on 01666 861194 or send an email to

We regularly review our panel of professional partners and would welcome the opportunity to have a chat.

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