Trustees have significant responsibility with regard to the management of a trust, and their management skills are fundamental to its’ successful operation. With successful investment  strategies becoming more and more complex, trustees are increasingly relying on expert investment advice. We have considerable experience and expertise in creating, implementing and reviewing trustee investment strategies in order that they comply with their legal obligations.

Our experience in this field means we are expertly placed to assist in this complex area. We can offer a bespoke investment service to trustees ensuring they have an effective investment policy appropriate to their appetite for investment risk and the requirements of the trust.

Our service for trustees will help reduce the burden of complying with the Trustee Investment Act 2000 by:

  • Creating a risk appropriate, evidence based low cost investment portfolio
  • Creating a detailed investment policy statement
  • Providing regular reviews, consolidated tax vouchers and on-line access to valuations & documentation.

To find out more about how our services have benefited trustees and their beneficiaries please call us on 01666 861194 or send an email to

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