4Forty4 – New Video Series

Author: Jade Shelton
Published: 30th June 2021


This is the very first in our new video series of 4 at 4Forty4. We will be releasing a video at 4:44PM on the fourth Friday of each month containing four things that we would like to share with you.

The content will range from hints and tips to four of our ‘best of’.  Of course some of it will be technical, but some of it will be a bit of fun too.

The first video is an introduction into 4Forty4 and more information around why we are doing this and what the numbers mean (you may have noticed the number 4 appears many times).

At the end of this video, there will be a link for you to watch the first episode which is our 4 favourite Behaviour Gap sketches from Carl Richards (you can learn more about Carl in the video).

So, what are you waiting for? You can watch our video below!

We would welcome your thoughts and if you have any ideas that you would like us to include, then please share these with us and we will do our very best to cover as many as possible.