What we do

At Proposito Financial Planning, we provide a comprehensive range of services. Our approach incorporates lifestyle planning, financial planning, and regulated financial advice. We call this approach LifePath.


LifePath will help you identify the future you want for yourself and align your finances so that they are positioned towards making your vision a reality.

Our clients come to us at varying stages in their journey, where you choose to step into our services is entirely up to you. We’ve created the following interactive graphic to show you how all our services piece together, and to help you explore which elements of our service might be most suitable and useful for you.

LifePath Design LifePath Refine LifePath Align MONEY COACHING LifePath Design LifePath Refine LifePath Align DesignButton AlignButton RefineButton
LifePath Design

This is where we help you work out exactly what a fulfilling life looks like. This is an essential first step because you can’t plan for the future you want if you don’t know what you want the future to look like. For most people, this is the start of their journey, but a few people choose to align their finances independently from us and therefore this is the only stage they want our help with.

LifePath Align

This stage is all about making sure your money is aligned to your goals. Our purpose is to help you ensure you have the right money, at the right time, for everything that you want to achieve. This part of the service is regulated financial advice and can be highly technical. For most people, LifePath Align is also essential.

LifePath Refine

But, of course, we all know life is a journey and not a destination. Similarly, the financial planning you will need to do to support that journey is not a destination either. It is an approach that supports your journey. We strongly believe that the real value of financial planning comes through the incremental improvements to the original plan, compounded over time.

Legislation around pensions and taxation can change quickly and often, new opportunities can arise over time, and your circumstances and goals may also evolve as you journey through life.

Our LifePath Refine service is designed to make sure you remain confident and on track to achieve your financial, lifestyle or retirement goals. Through regular “forward planning” meetings, we will update your financial plan, provide financial advice and monitor your portfolio performance and investment returns.

Money Coaching

Money Coaching will help you get better with your money and take back control of your finances. We use a tried and tested money coaching system that will transform your relationship with money.

Money Coaching will help you:

  • Understand your self-limiting beliefs around money.
  • Identify the habits and attitudes that drive your money behaviours.
  • Improve your finances with practical help and guidance.
  • Create new habits and routines around money that last.
  • Help yourself with our library of resources.

Our fees

For information on how we charge for our services, visit our Fees page.