We like to give back

Giving back to our community is incredibly important to us, here are some of the projects we have supported and how we have helped them.

The Churn Project

We are delighted to support The Churn Project – a local charity based in Cirencester.

The Churn Project offers all those who come through the door belonging, purpose and hope. They work with those who are lonely, at a point of transition or crisis in their lives or experiencing mental health issues.

“People tell us that coming to The Churn improves their wellbeing and makes them feel less isolated. We operate right at the heart of our community and are often the only place people feel they can turn to.”

The Churn Project support over 1,900 people each year, from before birth to end-of-life, working with people who are seeking work, vulnerable families and older people, and running more than 25 different activities each week ranging from antenatal classes, to work clubs and memory clubs.

Macmillan Cancer Support

So many of us have had our lives affected by cancer. We are delighted to support Macmillan Cancer Support.

Because cancer can affect your life in so many ways, Macmillan do whatever it takes to give people the support they need.

“With your support we can be there for the 3 million people in the UK living with cancer. “

Macmillan Cancer Support help in so many ways by being on the end of a telephone, providing on online community for those living with or affected by cancer, to having their nurses care for those in their own home, often at the end of their lives. And their famous World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, gets even the most reluctant bakers baking cakes!


We all need to take responsibility for our environment and the pressure our lifestyles are putting our planet under. We need to act now to safeguard our planet for future generations.

Ecologi was initially founded by a group of environmentalists in Bristol, UK.

“Our mission is to avoid 50% of projected global emissions by 2040. With our 30,000 strong subscriber base, we’re now funding 1 million trees every few weeks. “

This exciting project allows us to directly see the impact our contributions are making.

Proposito 20-day step challenge

On Friday 20 August 2021, we completed our 20-day steps challenge in aid of The Churn Project.

Our goal was to each complete 202,021 steps over 20 days (which equates to roughly 10,101 steps per day!).

We are VERY pleased to announce that we all completed the challenge and even more exciting than that, we all managed to do more than the targeted 202,021 steps.

Just to put this into perspective, throughout the 20-day challenge, as a team, we completed a whopping 642,745 steps, racked up 274.81 miles and endured 2,059 active minutes!

Check out our video here.

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