Unlike most UK financial services firms, we do not charge fees based on your invested assets. That’s because we think there are some considerable downsides to this method of calculating fees.

How we charge

Instead of charging fees based on a percentage of your invested assets, we agree a fixed fee with you before we start. The fee reflects the work required and the complexity of your situation. We believe this is both transparent and fair and avoids any potential conflicts of interest.

Why we don’t charge percentage fees

A percentage-based fee structure can work out significantly more expensive than fixed fees. If the value of your investments rise – as you’ll hope they do – then you’ll be penalised by higher fees.

With a percentage-based system of fees, if you are client with a large portfolio, you will be subsidising someone with a smaller portfolio.

Percentage-based fees can give rise to conflicts of interests. Your adviser, for example, could be disincentivised from telling you to take capital out of your portfolio to spend on something you really want to do, even if it that’s the right thing for you.

Our fees

LifePath Design

This is where we help you work out exactly what a fulfilling life looks like. No matter where you are on your retirement planning journey, this is the essential first step towards living your best life. The fee for LifePath Design is £2,500. For a few people this is all they need as they are happy to align their finances themselves.

LifePath Design

Identify purpose, create goals and establish your current reality


LifePath Align

For most people LifePath Align is also essential. We will assess of all of your financial arrangements and provide regulated advice on their suitability. We’ll implement any changes for you. The fees here depend on the amount and complexity of regulated work required.

This stage is all about making sure your money is aligned to achieve your goals (identified in LifePath Design). The right money, at the right time, for everything that that you want to get done. This part of the service is regulated financial advice and can be highly technical.

The fee you pay for this will be capped at a maximum of £2,500.

LifePath ALIGN

Analysis of existing pension(s), regulated recommendations & implementation of new plan(s) and/or top up existing plan(s)*

Per plan

Analysis of existing investment(s), regulated recommendations & implementation of new plan(s) and/or top up existing plan(s)

Per plan

New pension from cash or top up existing pension from cash

Per plan

New investment from cash or top up existing investment from cash

Per plan

New protection policy (term, critical illness, whole of life etc)

From £375
Per plan

Retirement income strategy, sustainable withdrawal policy and implementation of pension withdrawal strategy**

up to £2,500**
Per plan

For complex work, we will charge an extra fee for:

  • Pension lifetime allowance
  • Investments > £750,000
  • Capital gains tax planning
  • Intergenerational planning
  • Inheritance Tax planning
  • Advanced tax planning

Per plan

*Not applicable for “at retirement” planning
**Only applicable for “at retirement” planning

LifePath Refine

The real value of financial planning comes from the incremental improvements to the original plan, compounded over time. Legislation around pensions and taxation can change quickly and often, and new opportunities arise. Your own circumstances and goals may also evolve over time. Our LifePath Refine service is designed to make sure you remain on track to prepare for and enjoy your best retirement.

Delivered during our forward planning meetings, our LifePath Refine service will update your financial plan, provide regulated advice on all of your plans and monitor your portfolio performance and investment returns.

We charge a fixed monthly fee that depends on the nature of the work needed to keep you on track. If you transition between retirement stages (from pre-retirement to at retirement or from at retirement to post retirement) your monthly LifePath Refine ongoing fee will change accordingly.

LifePath Refine

Retirement stage


Preparing for retirement

From £300pm

Starting retirement

From £400pm

Enjoying retirement

From £240pm

Understanding our approach

Find out more about the services we offer and the stages of your financial planning journey.

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