If you’ve received an inheritance

Inheritances can be life-changing sums of money. But deciding what to do with an inheritance can feel like a big responsibility.

People regularly ask us

What should I do with an inheritance?

You’ll likely have questions about what your options are: whether you should spend, save or invest? And if you spend, what will bring the most benefit? We start every conversation by establishing what your big goals are for your future. That may take a bit of time and exploration, but it allows you to discover the ways your decisions are now moving you closer to your aspirations.

Does this inheritance change my position?

Lots of things can be affected by a change to your financial picture, including what’s achievable in both the short and long term, the assumptions any existing plans and policies are based on, your risk profile if you’re an investor, your tax planning, and your plans for passing on your wealth. It’s important, therefore, to seek professional independent advice when you receive a large lump sum.

Should I help younger generations in my family?

A large lump sum gift could be life-changing for a younger member of your family. But decisions with weighty outcomes need careful consideration. You may feel anxious about how to ensure all younger members of the family are treated equally or worry that doing so affects your ability to achieve your own goals. In these circumstances, taking advice from a professional experienced in this area is vital.

What should I do with my money while I make a decision?

You should never feel rushed into making a decision when you receive an inheritance. Healing from the loss of a loved one takes time and coming into a large sum of money can be an emotional experience. You’re not unusual if you’re having a hard time deciding how to use the money so only approach decision-making when you feel emotionally and physically ready. We can give you advice on the most advantageous and secure places to keep your money in the meantime.

How we help

Lifestyle financial planning
Create a plan for your future financial wellbeing and gain clarity over what decisions to take now.

Financial forecasting
See your financial future mapped out and understand the likely outcomes of different choices.

Investing can be a great option if you have long-term goals and have received an inheritance. Our expert planners can help you build and manage a portfolio tailored to your objectives, risk profile and time frame.

Financial protection
Ensure your wealth is protected in the event of ill health, loss of your ability to earn, or a loss of life.

Estate and Inheritance Tax planning
Understand the complex rules around tax, trusts, and gifting, and ensure you and your loved ones are not paying more tax than you ought to be.

Please note, the value of your investments and any income derived from them may fall as well as rise and you may not get back your original investment.