It’s your journey – we just provide the map.

Plan your future and achieve financial security with a Chartered and Accredited Financial Life Planner.

About us

We are Chartered Financial Planners.

At Proposito, we’ve been helping clients in the Cotswolds and beyond to achieve a life full of meaning and happiness since 1998.

The term Proposito has its origins in Latin and means intention, aim or purpose. We believe this reflects the services we provide to our clients: financial planning that is purposeful and intentional, with your goals and best interests at heart.

Whether you’re looking for help planning your retirement, understanding whether your desired lifestyle is affordable, investing for the future or minimising your tax liability, we will take the stress out of managing your money.

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We’re Chartered and Accredited

Who we help

We help people find answers to the following kinds of questions:

Can I afford to retire when I want?
Do I have enough to live the retirement lifestyle I dream of?
I’ve received an inheritance – what should I do with it?
Will divorce / separation leave me struggling financially?
Can I afford to adjust my work/life balance in the way I want?
Should I gift money to my children/grandchildren?
Can I afford to give my children a private education?
How can I reduce the Inheritance Tax bill due on my estate?
I’ve been bereaved – am I going to be financially ok?

Meet your team

Meet the people who will help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

Huw Jones

Director and Chartered Financial Planner

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