Who are we?

We are Chartered Financial Planners, based in Cirencester.

Why Proposito?

The term Proposito has its origins in Latin and means intention, aim or purpose. We believe this reflects the services we provide to our clients: financial planning that is purposeful and intentional, with your goals and best interests at heart.

Family Business Owners

We work with business owners to plan for the next phase of their life and achieve harmonious successions or exits.

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Planning to Retire

We help people looking to retire to plan successfully for life beyond work.

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What are we saying?

Huw Jones Market volatility during COVID-19

There is significant market volatility during the COVID-19 pandemic. The markets are reacting to uncertainty of the current situation with volatility. This is what we would expect. The…

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Huw Jones The Pomodoro Technique

If you’re not used to working from home you might find that The Pomodoro Technique makes all the difference. The Pomodoro Technique was created by Francesco Cirillo in…

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Who are we?

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