If you’re divorcing / separating

Gaining a handle on your finances is vital when you are going through a divorce or separation. We understand, however, that it may be the last thing you feel like doing.

People regularly ask us

What decision should I make?

At difficult times of life, there are often complex financial decisions to be made – decisions that can have long-lasting consequences. It’s important, therefore, that you gain independent advice from a skilled financial specialist before taking any big financial decisions.

Working together, we will show you the possible outcomes of each decision and, alongside any legal or accountancy professionals you are working with, help you select and implement the strategy that is right for you.

How much money do I have? And how much money will I need?

At a time of great change, you are likely to have questions about what your current financial picture looks like and how it might change going forward. Financial planning will allow you to gain a clear understanding of your immediate financial situation as well as answers to questions about what the journey ahead looks like. Most importantly, it will help you feel in control of the direction of travel.

Do I have enough money to...?

You may have questions about how much you can afford to spend, either on day-to-day living or on bigger aspirations and changes you may want to make to your lifestyle. Using cutting-edge cashflow forecasting technology, we can tell you what you can afford and how to get where you want to go.

Am I going to be ok?

Thinking about your financial future can feel scary – we understand that. It can be particularly challenging if managing the household finances was not something you previously had responsibility for. We’re here to ease your worries and take away the stress.

Our team is compassionate and caring. We work, at all times, at a pace you are comfortable with. Working together, we will help you move forward with a sense of security and confidence in your finances.

How we help

Lifestyle financial planning
Build a financial plan around your personal goals, objectives and aspirations for the future.

Financial forecasting
See your financial future plotted out and explore how different possible scenarios could affect it.

Help with settlement figures
Understand whether what you have been offered (or are proposing) is enough to meet your current and future financial requirements.

Financial protection
Ensure that your own and your loved ones’ financial security is not lost in the event of ill health or loss of life.

You may feel unsure what to do with an existing investment portfolio. We can help you analyse your options and implement any changes that are needed to reflect the change in your circumstances or risk profile.

Money coaching
The aim of financial coaching is to help you develop a better relationship with your money. Through guided, meaningful conversations about your money, you will be able to move forward with greater awareness of the beliefs that are holding you back and have a greater ability to challenge them.

Please note, the value of your investments and any income derived from them may fall as well as rise and you may not get back your original investment.