Proposito fundraising challenge is complete!

By Jade Shelton

On Friday 20 August 2021, we completed our 20 day steps challenge in aid of The Churn Project, a wonderful charity based in the heart of Cirencester.  

Our goal was to each complete 202,021 steps over 20 days (which equates to roughly 10,101 steps per day).  

We are VERY pleased to announce that we all completed the challenge and even more exciting than that, we all managed to do more than the targeted 202,021 steps. 

Just to put this into perspective, over the course of the 20 day challenge as a team we completed a whopping 642,745 steps, racked up 274.81 miles and endured 2,059 of active minutes.  Superheroes? I think so! 

The challenge was not easy for us being desk based 5 days a week, but we were so determined to complete it and it was even more rewarding knowing that we were raising money for such an amazing cause.  

Whilst we all completed the challenge, all of our experiences were different.  We did our steps in different ways, different places and at different times so we all had a unique take on the challenge.   

Jade had this to say..  

“I’m really impressed that we all managed to do all the steps required… and more!!  The challenge was tricky at times but overall, I actually really enjoyed it.  I was getting to work early in the mornings to go for a walk, then going for a walk at lunch and then getting in the last few steps during the evenings.  All the fresh air was really energising and I’m convinced that it made my days more productive.  Not everyday was perfect and on some days I didn’t make the steps, but that was okay because it just meant I had to do more another day.  I’m so proud of all of us for completing this challenge and for raising awareness for The Churn Project.  The work they do is remarkable and we know that the money raised will go towards supporting those in need”.  

Sarah had this to say… 

“I really can’t believe I managed to meet the steps, it may not seem like a lot but it is when you are at a desk 8 hours a day it is.   I started off really well and my motivation was high, however I did have a week where I hardly did any steps as I was ill, this meant towards the end I was having to do A LOT of steps every day and find new places to walk to get a few more steps in.  Getting up at 5am towards the end was a refreshing way to start the day and get some country air.  I am happy we all made it and we have raised some money for the Churn Project and perhaps also made people more aware of the good work that they do”. 

Thank you so much to our sponsors.  So far we have raised £143, which is 70% of our target fundraising amount of £202.10.  This is fantastic, but we would love to reach our target so any additional sponsors would be greatly appreciated.  Our fundraising page will be open for the foreseeable and you can find it here.  Thank you in advance.   

Keep your eyes peeled as we will shortly be sharing a video which includes all the videos and photographs that we took during our travels.  But for now, click here to watch our video on The Churn Project. 

We are now trying to decide what to do for our next challenge.  Got some ideas? Send them our way – we’d love to hear what you think we should do next! 

For more information on the Churn Project, click here to check out their website.