WHAT IS IT? This booklet is the one place to store all the important information that your loved ones will need when you die.

WHAT DOES IT COST? Nothing. It’s free to download.

IS IT COMPLICATED? No. It will take less than 30 minutes for most people to complete. The simple layout makes it easy for your loved ones to the find the essential information they will need to sort out your affairs once you’re gone.

HOW DOES IT WORK? When you pass away, your spouse or children will open this booklet. Inside is all the information they will need to deal with your affairs.

WHAT IS THE BENEFIT TO MY FAMILY? They will be thankful that you made things as simple as possible. Having all this information, easy to find and all in one place, will be invaluable to them as they begin to adjust to life without you.

WHAT DO I GET OUT OF IT? Eternal peace of mind that you’ve made everything so much simpler for the people you love the most.