Filehaven FAQ

By Huw Jones

Here are a few frequently asked questions that we have answered for our clients using Filehaven.


Why can’t I just send a normal email?

 Any personal or sensitive information that we send you must be secure.  Email is not secure and we value your privacy. This is to protect your personal data from being read by unauthoriesed eyes. Any information you send to us should be sent securely too.  Filehaven solves this.


How secure is Filehaven?

One of the main reasons we are using Filehaven is because it’s secure. Filehaven protect your messages and documents using encryption. It only decrypts data once they’ve verified your access. Using 256 bit encryption (AES 256), Filehaven makes almost impossible for someone to hack or interpret the information you share.


How can I access Filehaven?

Send us an email to or give us a call on 01285 700830 and we’ll get the ball rolling.


How do I register for Filehaven?

Follow the instructions on the email that we send you. If you’re having difficulty you can give us a call on 01285 700830. Alternatively we’ve also done a short video for you here.


What happens once I’m registered?

If you’re not logged in when you receive a message or document you’ll receive an email from Filehaven with a link to take you to the message or document (you’ll have to log in).

If you are already logged in to Filehaven when you receive a document or message, you’ll get a notification.


Can I use Filehaven on my smart phone or tablet?

Yes. Filehaven uses a responsive browser, which means it knows which sort of device you’re using. It will automatically re-size itself to fit the screen you’re looking at.


Is there an App available?

No, not yet. A Filehaven app is currently in development. As soon as its available we will let you know.


Why do notification emails go to Junk mail?

Unfortunately some email service providers class the sender as spam, please check your spam box in case an emails creep in there.  You should be able to add Filehaven as a safe sender which we would recommend that you do.  If you need help with this please contact us.


How do I see notifications?

Log in to Filehaven. Unopened messages can be accessed by clicking the bell icon in the top right of the Filehaven screen. We’ve done a short video to show you here.


What if I forget my password?

Don’t worry – just click on “Oops Forgotten Password” on the login page and you will get an email to reset your password.


How do I send you a message?

Once you have logged in to your Filehaven laccount either select the conversation tile you want to talk about or click on the start a new conversation tile.  Type your message and press the paper aeroplane to send it to us! 

If that doesn’t explain it we’ve done a short video for you here.


How quickly will you respond?

We will aim to get back to you as soon as possible during working hours (9am-4pm Monday to Friday). You can see when we have read your message by hovering over the little people icons under your message.


How do I upload a document?

Log in to your account and select the Document tile. To the right of the start typing box is a paper clip.  Click this and then find the file that you want to upload. Select the file and then click the paper aeroplane icon. It will fly through the internet (securely) to us here. If that doesn’t explain it we’ve done a short video for you here.


Why can’t I see the conversation tile I have used before?

If this hasn’t been used for a while then it may be in the Archived section, you can still see this by clicking on the Archived tile.  Don’t worry you can just create a new conversation!


Why do I need to upload a photo?

You may have noticed that all Proposito team have a photo added to their profile on Filehaven.  We like the idea of putting a face to the conversation and you can too!  Just click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen and go to settings.  Under Profile Photo select choose file, then find your photo and add! If that doesn’t explain it we’ve done a short video for you here.