Hello Jade

Author: Huw Jones
Published: 25th February 2019

Say Hello to Jade. It only feels like last week, but it’s nearly 3 months since she  joined us. She has settled in really well and is a fantastic addition to the team.

Last week we spent some time with a local photographer updating our pictures. We’re delighted to publish Jade’s photo on our website and reveal her true identity. The silhouette “holding picture” we had been using for her image on her webpage has finally been updated! Click here to meet Jade.

As Jade is the voice of Proposito, if you’ve called us recently you’ve probably already spoken her. We apologise if she’s seemed a bit quiet – there’s an issue with the telephone line at the moment. We’re working with our telecoms parter to get this issue fixed. In the meantime, just ask her to speak up – she’ll be happy to oblige!

I’m sure you’ll speak with Jade soon, or at least have an email chat. Jade has now taken on responsibility for Huw’s calendar and is super-efficient at booking appointments for me.

We’re only a small team at Proposito but Jade has made a big impact in a short time. We really like working with her and I’m sure you’ll enjoy working with her too.

Whilst we were at it with the photographer took the opportunity to update everyone’s picture. Click here to see what we all look like in Feb 2019. We’ve also got some great team shots which we’re just getting finalised. We’ll have them up on the website as soon as they’re ready.

A big thank you to Richard Sudbury (https://www.richardsudbury.com) for being so much fun to work with.