It’s a wrap

Author: Proposito Team
Published: 7th May 2010

The launch of our new financial planning platform powered by Ascentric has generated a great deal of interest amongst our clients. The platform’s flexibility and transparency in addition to the unbiased and unrestricted choice of tax wrappers supported by a range of investments is appealing to many.

Referred to within the financial world as a ‘wrap platform’, it offers a secure online account which brings together all your investments and pensions in a single place, supported by a clear and easy to understand charging structure.

So rather than holding all of your ISA’s, pensions and other investments in different places, you can view everything at a single glance, cutting down on paperwork and giving you a clear and real time picture of how your portfolio is performing.

The platform also opens up the opportunity for us to make use of model portfolio functionality to run passive investments for our clients and deliver best practice with a  consistent approach to financial planning, tax advice and wealth management. 

If you want to learn more what this could mean for you and your investments contact us on 0845 345 3536.