Life after divorce

Succession Planning

Broad outline of situation

Julie was in the process of getting a divorce.

Even though she was a successful business owner and had accumulated some wealth, she was uncertain whether this was enough for her to be able to retire within a few years’ time.

Given the emotional strain of the situation, Julie had little energy or desire to manage her finances herself; she admitted to having her ‘head in the sand’.

Why did Julie get in touch?

Julie came to us via a referral from her divorce solicitor.

Julie didn’t feel confident discussing her settlement options without first understanding the impact on her own financial future.

What we did

After fully assessing her financial situation, we reassured Julie that she would be financially secure given the proposed financial settlement. Julie was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief; this news gave her the confidence to start addressing some of the other concerns that she had.

We created forecasting scenarios to model different situations. We established that Julie was able to buy a new home; this would help her to move on, both emotionally and literally.

We also examined her business plans in light of her plans to retire in eight years’ time. This provided Julie with renewed focus, energy and motivation. Finally, we simplified her investment and pension portfolio. This significantly reduced the cost, meaning more of her own money was hers to keep.

What were the benefits?

Julie now feels excited about the future, rather than afraid.

Julie appreciated our approach to financial planning. Removing the jargon that is often associated with financial advice meant that she could make important decisions with confidence. She was able to plan properly, both personally and within her business.

She is now able to focus on what she wants to get out of life and what experiences she wants to have. As well as giving Julie a renewed focus and energy, she now has confidence in her financial future.