Meet the Team (again)

By Jade Shelton

With the addition of our new team member in April, we recognised the need to capture the essence of our team once again, and the timing couldn’t have been better. Fortunate enough to be blessed with great weather, we embarked on a journey through the Abbey Grounds park, which conveniently lies just steps away from our office.

The photoshoot turned out great and was super fun, made possible by the exceptional skills and patience of Kay Ransom, our talented photographer. Her ability to maintain composure even in the midst of our laughter-filled moments or unexpected visits from furry friends ensured that each shot captured the authenticity and spirit of our team.

With the beauty of the Abbey Grounds as our backdrop, our photos radiate a sense of warmth and professionalism. The vibrant surroundings perfectly complemented the genuine smiles shared among our team members.

So here we are… in all our glory 😃


From left to right: Jade, Huw, Jake, Sarah and Anne.

From left to right: Jade, Huw, Anne, Sarah and Jake.