Nine ladies dancing – a popular but pricey gift

Author: Proposito Team
Published: 12th December 2012

It appears that a severe drought (certainly not in the UK) and the resulting increased cost of bird feed has had a profound effect on the cost of Christmas this year.

Buying all the presents in the “The 12 days of Christmas” carol has hit an all time high with the Christmas Price Index® up 4.8% and with a price tag of $25, 431.128, according to the economic analysis by PNC Wealth Management.

If you are feeling thrifty and just want to buy one item from the list then the eight maids-a-milking are good value at just $58 dollars, thats just $7.25 each. Generally the groups haven’t seen a price rise this year, however nine ladies dancing (a popular gift with some I imagine) will still set you back $6,294.03.

Seven swans-a-swimming would be seen as the most extravagant present costing a whopping $7,000. Its worth considering before you get the cheque book out, that the only permanent UK residing swan is the Mute swan and the Queen already owns all of those, and I don’t think she’s selling. The other species only really come here for the winter – so a short lived present!

If you have ever sung this song all the way through (I can assure you I have, but not out of choice) it goes on for a long time as there is lots of repitition. If you add all the gifts up, in all of the repeats of all the verses you get a total gift count of 364, which will cost you a staggering $107,300.24.

Socks and knickers seem a much easier present in my book.

For further details on the lighthearted economic analysis compiled by US based PNC Wealth Management check out the CPI website.