Our approach to money – Jake’s Story

By Jade Shelton

Over the last couple of months, we as a team have been sharing with you our experiences with money and how it has helped shape how we approach money.

You will discover that none of us have been perfect (we are human after all), but we’ve found ways that didn’t work and we’re laying it all bare for you to read.

Today we are sharing our final story… Jake’s story…

“I had a Saturday job working for a builder from when I when I was 12 up until I left college.

When I started I was making £3 an hour so I wasn’t able to spend loads but I did have my own money.

When I was in secondary school (and college) I was much better at that job and was able to work in the holidays so I was never worried about money. 

Once I left college, I decided that the Saturday job was going to be my career so after the lockdown restrictions had calmed down I decided not to go to Uni and started training to be a Carpenter.

This gave me a lot more money to spend, but I became very set on saving for a house to the point where I did not have a lot of money available to actually enjoy.

Because of my saving habits and the fact I was extremely fortunate that I had a Uni fund from my parents that was given to me when I was 18, I thought I would be on the property ladder in no time.

Sadly that dream came to an end when I decided carpentry wasn’t for me and had fun for a year driving boats and Wakeboarding, which drained my savings a little.

When I finally decided that I needed a proper career I realised that my saving habit came from my interest in money and investing too and thats when I decided to go into financial services.

So after working in financial services for this little time and reading “Your money, or Your life” for the first time, I am back to my saving habits but now I am being a lot smarter with where I put my money and how I use it too.”