Photography Website Live for Andrew, the World Wide Photowalk 2020 Winner

By Jade Shelton

Let me take you back in time to our March newsletter where we shared with you the photography achievements of one of our clients, Andrew.

Well, the story for Andrew didn’t stop there…

As part of the prize for winning the World Wide Photowalk 2020, Andrew got the opportunity to have his very own website developed.

It’s been a few months in the making but we are so pleased to finally share that Andrew’s website is now live and you can visit this by clicking here.

Andrew’s work is breathtaking and he absolutely deserved to win with his photo of a London underground tube station during the height of the covid 19 pandemic.

Although Andrew takes his photography very seriously, this is just a hobby for him so being able to publicise his work online is a real dream come true.

Please do take some time to visit Andrew’s website, it would mean a lot to him and you will also get the chance to view some of his incredible photos.