Taxes don’t have to be boring

Author: Proposito Team
Published: 28th September 2011

Last week we managed to invite 20 professionals into a room to talk about taxes. And the feedback afterwards was that they actually enjoyed it!

The wine, nibbles and the chance to win a bottle of champagne may have encouraged a few to come along, but the general consensus was that we could all do with knowing a little bit more about the taxes we all pay.

Our ‘Saving Tax’ seminar covered all the key subjects. Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, charitable giving, Inheritance Tax and tax efficient investing were under the spotlight. Attendees were provided an interactive overview of the UK tax system. We tested everyone’s knowledge with a short tax quiz.

Congratulations to joint winners – Greg Ayliffe and Mark Weston who walked away with the champagne after ‘topping the class’ with a score of 9 out of 10.

The evening finished with a chance to talk through a selection of case studies and then the chance to network over a glass of wine.

A very enjoyable and informative evening. See – tax doesn’t have to be boring!