Thank you Proposito

Author: Huw Jones
Published: 5th February 2015

Fairy lightsLast year we decided that we would continue to support Helen & Douglas House (we supported them in 2013 too). Our contribution consisted of a donation in lieu of sending Christmas cards and also a small gift for each client feedback survey that we received. Naturally we were delighted to receive this letter earlier today:

Dear Proposito

Thank you and your team very much for your generous donation of £268 to Helen & Douglas House, and for choosing us as your company charity last year. We rely almost entirely on donations, so this amount will be incredibly useful. The donation will help us to provide specialist care for very sick children and young adults, as well as support for their families. This includes families like Rosie’s. Rosie is 11 years old and lives with her mum Cara. She has a progressive neurological condition called Leigh’s Syndrome and has been coming to Helen House since she was two.

Looking after a child with a life-shortening condition can be exhausting. Helen & Douglas House supports the whole family, giving parents a break by taking on the medical care of their child for the time the family stays with us. As Rosie’s mum Cara explains; ‘Helen & Douglas House provides someone to share the burden with. I don’t feel so alone during the sometimes exhausting and terrifying experience of living with a child who has a poor prognosis. They offer hope and they never judge you.’

There is so much happening at Helen & Douglas House this month that we can do because of your support. Activities for children and young adults include Pancake Day meals, Chinese New Year activities, and a wall art project. As well as being fun, these activities provide vital social and physical opportunities. As one of our young adults says, ‘Coming to DH has presented me with many opportunities, from meeting famous people and attending events to making new friends.’

Thank you for helping to make things like this possible for our children, young adults and families.

Best wishes,

Suzanne Attree
Fundraising and Administration Support Officer
Helen & Douglas House
01865 799150

It’s nice to know that we’ve helped make things a little better.