The Churn Project – Proposito Fundraiser

Author: Jade Shelton
Published: 28th April 2021

In our February newsletter, we introduced you to The Churn Project, our chosen charity for 2021.  

As a reminder, The Churn Project work closely with people who are lonely, at a point of transition or crisis in their lives, or those experiencing mental health issues.  If you didn’t get chance to last time, you can find out more about them here   

They are celebrating their 20th active year and to celebrate their success, we wanted to set ourselves a challenge in order to raise funds for this remarkable charity. We thought long and hard about how we can incorporate the number 20 into our challenge.   

We had lots of ideas – most of them daft or unachievable – about what we could do. We knew it would ultimately be some form of fitness challenge. Raising money for charity whilst also benefitting our own health and wellbeing was too good an opportunity to pass up 

The number 20 is quite large when you are trying to think of a fitness challenge.  Some of the options were just not feasible (i.e., trying to cycle 20 miles (or even 20 km) a day for 20 days would probably mean riding long into the night, which isn’t really going to work for us as we all need our beauty sleep). 

 So… after much deliberation, we finally decided on a challenge... 

Starting on the 01 August 2021, we are EACH going to complete 202,021 steps in 20 days! That equates to roughly 10, 101 steps a day!  Our fund-raising target is £202.10!

That may not seem like much of a challenge to some. But for us it’s quite a tall order, particularly being desk based at work during the week. 

There’s two ways you can get involved. Firstly, you can make a donation towards our target of raising £202.10 for this brilliant charity HERE! 

If you want some more active involvement why not join us in this challenge. We’re using a smart phone app to track the steps and monitor our progress. Let us know if you’d like to be involved and we can get you set up!  

We’d be really grateful of all donations and support as we embark on this fundraiser for this great charity. Your donations will help The Churn Project continue to provide support and services to those in need.  

If you would like to make a donation, then please click here to visit our fundraising page.  

However big or small the donation, please know that we are very grateful. 

Thank you for helping to make a difference.