Training commenced for Proposito steps challenge

Author: Jade Shelton
Published: 28th May 2021

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, we are undertaking a steps challenge in August to raise money for The Churn Project, our chosen charity for 2021.  

Working a desk-based job five days a week makes it harder to get as many steps in as we’d like to.  Technology is more advanced than it ever has been, so with resources at our fingertips, it’s now easier than ever to not need to move from your seat. 

We don’t like this, and we want to change this so that’s why embarking on this challenge will not only benefit the charity, but it will also do wonders for our mental health and well-being.  

We’ve been working on our step count and have been setting ourselves mini challenges in preparation for the big challenge in August.   

To kickstart the prep work, we decided to look to achieve 50,000 steps each in May.  Half-way through the month, we had already exceeded that target (and more) so we just kept going just to see how far we could get.  Although we aren’t competing against each other, it’s been fun checking the stats to see how we are all getting on.   

We have all been getting out more, both during the working week and the weekends.  We have been walking in the mornings before work, at lunch times and in the evenings.  Now that the nights are lighter, it’s made it much easier going out after work.  

We all live in different areas, so we all have different experiences that we share with each other.  Check out our photos below to see what we’ve been up to and what we have seen on our travels…   


We’re a long way off our target of 202,021 in 20 days but we are going to continue increasing our step targets until our challenge begins on 01 August 2021.  Hopefully by then, we’ll all be ready and raring to go. If you would like to make a donation, then please click  here to visit our fundraising page.  Or if you would like more active involvement why not join us in this challenge? We’re using a smart phone app to track the steps and monitor our progress. Let us know if you’d like to be involved and we can get you set up!    

Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it!