LifePath is our comprehensive financial planning service, designed to provide you with an integrated strategy that accounts for all elements of your financial situation: investments, savings, pensions, tax and estate planning.

Our LifePath service will provide you with a strategy to propel you from your current financial situation to where you want to be. This strategy will be created by our expert team of Financial Planners, who will translate your existing wealth profile into a financial plan. Not only will this plan show you exactly what you have, but it will also include recommendations as to how best you can achieve your goals, in both the short and long-term.

We’ll discuss our recommendations with you in person, answering any questions or queries you may have and making any necessary adjustments. Our LifePath service doesn’t just provide you with a plan on a piece of paper; we transform your plan into reality through careful implementation, dealing with your pensions, savings and investments so that you don’t have to.

This is then followed by an ongoing review service. If your needs or goals change, so can your LifePath. We’ll be there to get you back on track, no matter what.

Financial Organisation

How often do you wish you were more financially organised? Does your filing consist of stuffing post into drawers until it is overflowing? Does your accountant chase you for statements and other documents that you can’t remember where you put?

We are used to working with people who lead busy lives, many of our clients are busy running businesses and so their own financial organisation suffers.

We have a solution. It is called My LifePath and is a secure online portal that allows you to organise your finances, see all your bank accounts in one place, keep a track of the value of your investments and even your property.

It has a secure filing system that allows you to scan and sort your paperwork, a calendar to help you keep on top of important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, insurance renewals and tax deadlines.

If you would like to know more about My LifePath download our brochure by clicking here.