Balancing business, family and life beyond work requires expert help

Time is more important than money; having money simply allows us to spend our valuable time well. That’s why, as a business owner, putting a plan in place sooner rather than later is the key to enjoying a rich, rewarding life beyond your business.

We work with business owners, particularly those within family enterprises, to ensure their financial future is secure. Balancing the needs of the business with those of the family can be difficult; simultaneously, you’re likely to be thinking about the future for both yourself and the business.

We’ll put a plan in place to ensure you can enjoy life after work worry-free; knowing your personal finances, and your business, are in safe hands. We’ll help you make informed decisions that best benefit your family and the business itself.

Here’s what we do to help

  • We take time to discuss your challenges and goals before building a thorough plan that allows you to enjoy the next phase of your life on your terms. After a successful career, you might feel worried that life beyond work will lack purpose. We can help design a life after work that is sustainable but also fulfilling; meeting your aspirations, not just your needs.
  • We’ll put a plan in place that takes a holistic approach to your business, your family and your future. We’ll show you, at each stage, what you should do to best achieve your goals. It’s a big job, but our professional team will get started straight away: “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour”, as English playwright John Heywood once said.
  • We’ll help you to define and achieve your legacy, giving you the peace of mind that you’ve done all you can to maximise your positive impact at work and at home: how you want to be remembered, how you want the family to remember you and how you want the business to be remembered.

Case study

Succession planning

John is in his mid-50s and runs a successful engineering business. He was beginning to consider the possibility of retirement, so got in touch to discuss his pension and succession planning.

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We build long-term relationships with our clients, providing clarity and security for the short, medium and long-term. We do this through our comprehensive financial planning service, Lifepath.

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