What is financial planning?

By Huw Jones

Financial PlanningPeople will often get in touch with us because they are finding it difficult to take action or make a big decision. Having done the research they are simply over-whelmed with information. The result of this “analysis paralysis” is that they feel unable to make the decision. They feel like they need to do more research. This is a vicious circle.

If this is you then you are not alone. There is a common behavioural bias known as regret aversion. This is the reluctance to make a decision for fear that in hindsight it will turn out to have been less than optimal. The result is inaction.

This is bad.

Most of the people that we help initially come to us with one or more of the following issues:

  • They can’t make a decision
  • They feel financially disorganised
  • They are over-whelmed with information
  • They have no confidence
  • They wish that they had someone knowledgeable they could trust

When we delve a bit deeper we often find they have conflicting goals – or no goals at all. We find no clear direction and we find they have no idea what their financial future looks like. There is often too much complexity, too much cost and too much risk.

So we remove the uncertainty,  we simplify wherever possible and we get them moving in the right direction.

That’s financial planning!

We help people to avoid the pitfalls and make decisions. We steer them clear of excessive charges and help them identify all the risks. We help people to establish their priorities so that they know where they’re heading – and why.

We let them know what steps they need to take and we help them to get going – and we check up on the regularly to make sure everything’s still on track.

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