Your Future You

Author: Huw Jones
Published: 15th July 2016

Save more

It’s easy to spend money on stuff today today: Shoes, gadgets, flash holidays. But does your present self ever think about your future you. We can always find the money to buy nice stuff today. We’re also pretty good at being able to justify the expenditure:

‘I work hard and deserve a bit of luxury’

‘I’m stressed and need to cheer myself up’

‘I just love buying shoes!’

You can always justify your spending on your present you.

You think you’re worth it (and you are – up to a point). You have no trouble in investing in your present self.

But what about your future you?

Presumably your future you is just as valuable, if not more valuable. After all your future you’s income is likely to be a serious amount of money: a £25,000 net annual salary over 20 years is £500,000!

Any sort of saving, whether it’s paying into a pension, saving into an ISA stuffing money into a shoe box under your bed is an investment in your future you.

By engaging in the activity of saving you are actually investing in your future you rather than your present you. That’s a great idea if you think you’ll be alive long enough for your future you to turn into your present you.

So how do you invest in your future you? I know, there’s never enough money is there?

Well the answer is surprisingly simple (but NOT easy).

Pay your future you first.

That’s it. Simple. But easy.

Pay your future you before you pay anything else. After 3 months you’ll have got used to the expenditure and won’t even notice it.

Think you can do it? Give it a try and let me know how you get on.