International Family Business Qualification for Russ  

By Proposito Team

Russ Haworth, our Taunton based Chartered Financial Planner, has been awarded the Certificate in Family Business Advising (CFBA) by the US-based Family Firm Institute.

The award for Russ is in recognition of his extensive professional knowledge and significant expertise, which he calls upon when advising family business owners and family wealth clients. It’s believed that Russ is the first financial planner in the England to achieve this award.

Russ, who joined Proposito in 2015, took just six months to complete the training for the award, which is usually spread over a year.

Family Business

“I work primarily with family businesses and really wanted to increase my understanding of the challenges they face, so I can better support them,” said Russ. “In a family-run business there are many apparently conflicting priorities – is a director’s priority to the business or the family, for example, they are often run less formally, and there is usually more emotion involved.

“The knowledge I have gained through this process will allow me to provide much more rounded support, understanding all the elements, and not just focusing on the ‘logical’ solutions the text books suggest we use.”

The CFBA scheme, created by the Family First Institute, helps spread best practice among family business advisors. Family Firm Institute president, Judy Green, said: “Through completion of the certificate programme, Russ has gained a deeper understanding of the needs of family-owned enterprises and the many roles family business and non-family members play.”

Russ is so enthusiastic about supporting family businesses, he runs a weekly podcast which so far has had more than 20,000 downloads, called The Family Business Podcast, where he interviews business people involved in family-run firms, you can find the podcast here. He is also writing a book about family businesses.

Huw Jones, Proposito Financial Planning Managing Director, said: “I would like to congratulate Russ on successfully attaining the CFBA, which shows his, and our, commitment to supporting family business owners, who form an essential part of our client base.”

You can find out more about the work we do with Family Businesses here