Will Aid 2020

Author: Proposito Team
Published: 5th November 2020

Have you Got a Will?

It may be surprising to hear but around 56% of adults in the UK do not have a Will. You don’t get to decide what happens to your estate when you die intestate (without a Will).

The intestacy rules are very clear and set out in legislation. Most people expect their spouse to automatically inherit everything if they were to die intestate. This is not the case in certain circumstances.

Coronavirus has prompted more than 55% of Britons to think about how best to protect their loved ones after they are gone, a 2020 survey by Will Aid has revealed.

Is your Will up to date?

If you’ve already made a Will you might think you’re OK – not necessarily. Marriage will revoke any previous Wills. You’ll be without a valid Will if you marry (or re-marry). If your Will is not updated after your divorce your ex-spouse will still benefit.

If your grown up children are now parents themselves you may want to update your Will to include your grandchildren.

Legislation, taxation and case law around Wills and inheritance changes over time. Updating your Will ensures the wording is robust and reflects your current wishes.

Will Aid 2020

November is the ideal time to have a new Will written with Will Aid.

With Will Aid a participating Solicitor will write your Will for free in exchange for a donation to a pre-selected charity. The suggested minimum donation is £100 for a basic Will, £180 for a pair of basic mirror Wills for a couple (everything to each other). There are nine charities involved including Save the Children, British Red Cross and Age UK.

This also comes at a time when donations to charities are falling, so not only will you be helping yourself you will be helping the charities involved.

Go to www.willaid.org.uk for further details and information on participating solicitors. This is only for November so don’t wait any longer.

Once you’ve updated your Will you’ll want to include the details in our After I’ve Gone document. It’s a place to record all the details that your loved ones will need after you’ve gone. You can sign up to receive a copy to your inbox HERE.